Hafro Data Server

Welcome to data.hafro.is, a repository of datasets made available by the Marine Research Institute (MRI).

The data server was created and launched by Arni Magnusson and Gunnar Orvarsson in 2014, currently maintained by Sigurdur Thor Jonsson.

Repository structure

The datasets are related to marine research in Iceland, and are currently organized in three main directories:

The datasets are in CSV format (comma-separated values) that can be imported into a variety of software for closer examination and analysis.

Start exploring!


To analyze the datasets using a spreadsheet, users can browse the subdirectories, click a CSV file, and select either Open to view the file or Save to download. To work with CSV files, it may be necessary to configure the computer to import files where values are separated by commas, not semicommas. The data can later be saved in a native spreadsheet format to incorporate formulas and plots that the user has added.

Other software

More sophisticated software, such as R, can read tables directly from the Hafro Data Server:

saithe <- read.csv("http://data.hafro.is/assmt/2015/saithe/summary.csv")
plot(HR~Year, saithe, main="Harvest rate", ylim=c(0,0.4))
abline(h=0.2, lty=2)
plot(SSB~Year, saithe, main="Spawning stock", ylim=c(0,200))
abline(h=c(61,65), lty=1:2)

environ <- read.csv("http://data.hafro.is/environ/summary.csv")

spring <- read.csv("http://data.hafro.is/research/survey_stations/spring.csv")
hist(spring$Depth1, main="Spring survey stations", xlab="Depth (m)")

shrimp <- read.csv("http://data.hafro.is/research/shrimp_recruitment/data.csv")