Stock Assessments

Tables from the annual stock assessment report, covering around 40 species.

The data include landings, catch per unit effort, catch at age, weight at age, maturity, and survey indices. Estimated quantities from stock assessments include recruitment, biomass, harvest rate, and fishing mortality.

State of marine stocks in Icelandic waters and prospects for the quota year
Marine Research Institute
Published annually in the Marine Research in Iceland report series

Since 2015, the table section (around 120 tables) is a product of literate programming, along the lines of Magnusson and Jonsson (2014). All CSV tables on the Hafro Data Server are imported into R, exported to LaTeX, and compiled to PDF.

Note: At the bottom of each table in the printed report is a web address indicating the location of that table on the data server. This should help users find the data they are looking for and to understand the data in each column.

Also included, for some species, is a directory containing the raw model output files. These are not a part of the standardized CSV files documented in the assessment report, but are archived for internal quality purposes.

Import and plot in R

The datasets are available for download. Alternatively, they can be imported directly from the web server, using software like R:

saithe <- read.csv("")
plot(HR~Year, saithe, main="Harvest rate", ylim=c(0,0.4))
abline(h=0.2, lty=2)
plot(SSB~Year, saithe, main="Spawning stock", ylim=c(0,200))
abline(h=c(61,65), lty=1:2)