Environmental Conditions

Time series from environmental monitoring in Icelandic waters from 1952 onwards.

Environmental conditions in Icelandic waters
Marine Research Institute
Published annually in the Marine Research in Iceland report series

Appendix: Environmental variables in May-June

Temperature and salinity deviations from the 1961-1980 average (3.288°C and 34.727). Weighted mean from 0-200 m depth at stations 1-5 on the Siglunes section. The table also shows the average zooplankton biomass (g dry weight m-2) in 0-50 m on the Siglunes section. The last column shows the calculated freshwater thickness (m) at stations 2 and 3 on the Látrabjarg section. The sampling day at the Siglunes section is also shown (Julian day).

Import and plot in R

The dataset is available for download. Alternatively, the dataset can be imported directly from the web server, using software like R:

environ <- read.csv("http://data.hafro.is/environ/summary.csv")