Survey Stations

Two annual bottom trawl surveys are conducted in Icelandic waters, in the spring and autumn. The complete list of stations is divided into three tables.

Manuals for the Icelandic bottom trawl surveys in spring and autumn

Marine Research in Iceland 156 (2010)

The first part of the report describes the spring survey and is written by Jón Sólmundsson, Björn Æ. Steinarsson, Einar Jónsson, Hjalti Karlsson, Höskuldur Björnsson, Jónbjörn Pálsson, and Valur Bogason. The second part of the report describes the autumn survey and is written by Kristján Kristinsson, Þorsteinn Sigurðsson, Einar Hjörleifsson, and Höskuldur Björnsson.

Spring Survey

The station list includes locations and other information on the tows. See also station maps for all subareas (Figures 13-17). Information on warp lengths has been updated according to the registered warp length in 2002-2006. The new values show the median, min and max warp length in this period. Tows with tow number 1-9 were originally selected by captains, tows with tow number 11-19 were set out randomly but adjusted by captains, and tow numbers 31-39 indicate shallow-water tows added in 1993 and tows that have been added since then.

Autumn Survey

Import and plot in R

The station lists can be downloaded using the links above. Alternatively, they can be imported directly from the web server, using software like R:

spring <- read.csv("")
autumn <- rbind(

coord2num <- function(x)
  str <- formatC(abs(trunc(x)), format="d", width=7, flag="0")
  d <- as.numeric(substring(str,1,3))
  m <- as.numeric(substring(str,4,5))
  p <- as.numeric(substring(str,6,7))
  sign(x) * (d + m/60 + p/6000)

spring$N1 <- coord2num(spring$North1)
spring$E1 <- -coord2num(spring$West1)
spring$N2 <- coord2num(spring$North2)
spring$E2 <- -coord2num(spring$West2)

autumn$N1 <- coord2num(autumn$North1)
autumn$E1 <- -coord2num(autumn$West1)
autumn$N2 <- coord2num(autumn$North2)
autumn$E2 <- -coord2num(autumn$West2)

plot(N1~E1, spring, xlim=c(-30,-9), ylim=c(62,68.5), main="Spring survey",
     xlab="Lon", ylab="Lat")
plot(N1~E1, autumn, xlim=c(-30,-9), ylim=c(62,68.5), main="Autumn survey",
     xlab="Lon", ylab="Lat")
hist(spring$Depth1, xlim=c(0,1500), main="Depth (m)")
hist(autumn$Depth1, xlim=c(0,1500), main="Depth (m)", nclass=20)

Alternatively, if the geo package is installed:

geoplot(spring$N1, spring$E1, xlim=c(-30,-9), ylim=c(62,68.5))
geoplot(autumn$N1, autumn$E1, xlim=c(-30,-9), ylim=c(62,68.5))